Corkscrew Games is an independent game developer run by two geeks with a passion for animation. After 10 years making Flash cartoons for sites like Newgrounds, and vowing to one day collaborate on a project, writer and animator Matt Clarke and computer science student Steven Harbor begun working on their first game, Moonshine Motherlode.

It's a tower defence game with fast-paced frenetic gameplay and challenges the player to build an efficient base, utilising combinations of turrets to take down the swarms of alien bugs that are trying to stop you from stealing the planet's precious mineral, nicknamed 'moonshine'. It's scheduled for release in time for Christmas 2015.

Moonshine Motherlode

About: A tower defence game where you must gather as much 'moonshine' as you can, whilst defending yourself from swarms of alien bugs. Build up your defences, stay alive, and get out alive!

Release date: COMING SOON...

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