CorkScrew Games is spread halfway across the world, despite being run by just two people. We are Matt and Steve, friends from England and America, who met online waaaaay back around the start of the century when people used a little program called MSN Messenger. We were part of an online community of Flash animators, hanging around sites like Anitude, I Can't Colour In and Newgrounds, producing demented cartoons usually involving the brutal murder of kung-fu stick figures. You know the sort I mean.

After meeting up in real life for the first time in 2011 (and confirming once and for all that neither of us were actually a psychopath) we begun discussing the idea of collaborating on something. We didn't know what, but it obviously had to involve animation...

Name: Matt
Location: England, UK
Occupation: Err...
Special Abilities: Animation, writing, web-design, travelling the world, eating chocolate, and pointing out missing semi-colons in Steve's code.

Interesting fact: He wrote and self-published a novel - Check it out! (and maybe buy a copy? Please...)

At the time, Matt was working at a digital marketing agency producing animated videos and websites for corporate businesses, while Steve was helping fat people squeeze into the seats of the Duelling Dragons rollercoaster at Universal Studios. Neither of us were particularly fond of our current careers, so in 2012, Matt decided to quit his job altogether and bugger off to New Zealand for a year-long sabbatical, and Steve started a college course for Computer Science.

Matt's adventure sort of changed his life. Getting away from the computer lifestyle and experiencing the outdoors, climbing mountains, milking cows, skydiving... it opened up a lot of inspiration, which all came flooding out in the form of an entire novel. He self-published it and realised that he wanted to pursue a career making money by creating things, no matter what. During a Skype chat with Steve one day, he casually mentioned that a guy called Tom Francis had made a game in Game Maker and released it to ridiculous success. "You should learn this program!" Matt excitedly told Steve. "Then when I get home, we can totally make a game and become rich." Steve's response was, "Okay."

Name: Steve
Location: Florida, USA
Occupation: Computer science student and customer service assistant at Whyndham hotels
Special Abilities: Programming, animation, Asian food, riding scary rollercoasters, and picking holes in terrible movies.

Interesting fact: His name is Steve.

Almost 2 years later, Steve has become what can only be described as a programming genuis. He no longer works at the theme park, but still has to deal with annoying people as he organises room service for guests at Whyndham hotels. Any spare moment he gets is spent coding, even if it means getting his laptop out in the car while eating Chick Fil A.

And finally... we had an idea.

We decided to make a game.

Using Steve's newfound programming skills and both of our existing experience in Flash animation (not to mention our expertise in playing video games), it just seemed to make sense. After a few discussions about which sort of game to make, we settled on the idea of making a unique tower defence game where you have to harvest resources from an alien planet, while defending yourself from the angry native wildlife.

What started out as a part-time hobby has become something we feel very passionate about and are putting in as much time as we can to get this game done. It feels very satisfying to finally be working on a collaboration, some 10 years in the making.